Pallet Transporting Systems

Save time and transport your pallets securely with our transporting systems.

Reduced pallet and product maneuvering increase operator safety and productivity. Our pallet handling solutions are designed to be integrated into packaging lines. They can also operate as standalone units to replace current manual operations.

Security, capacity, speed, integration — we take on every challenge and have been working since 1910 to improve our technologies and processes to stay at the forefront of our industtry.

Votech is your single point of contact for all your equipment: weighing/dosing, bagging, sewing, sealing, gluing, palletising and stretch hooding.

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Transporting systems Index Turntable

The turntable conveyor turns the pallet in a secure and effective way.

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Transporting systems Shuttle Conveyor

This solution is designed to move forward or backward on a rail.

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Transporting systems Roller Conveyor

Each roller is motor driven to guarantee a gradual movement.

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Votech guarantees state-of-the-art service in more than 100 countries. We are more than a manufacturer of packaging machines — we guarantee the quality of your products in perfectly sealed bags.

Take advantage of our 100 years of experience in the packaging industry.

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