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Votech, a Duravant Company

We are excited to announce the completed integration of two renowned leaders in the packaging industry, Fischbein International and Votech.  The companies came together in 2021 with the acquisition of Votech by Duravant, a global engineered equipment and automation solutions provider to the Food Processing, Packaging and Material Handling sectors.  The merger brought together 100+ years of packaging expertise and created a broad portfolio of technologies that allows us to better serve our customers and partners across a wide array of end markets including agriculture, animal nutrition, fruit and vegetables, ingredients, milk powders and other industrials.

Our portfolio now includes the world’s most comprehensive offering of closing technologies and components for sewing portables, heads and systems under the Fischbein brand, sealing technologies under the Saxon brand, and filling, bagging and palletizing solutions under the Votech brand.  Our combined teams have proven to deliver greater value to our customers with our expanded capabilities to design, manufacture, and deliver full turnkey automation systems. And, we have built a foundation for our company under one vision and set of values that have a laser-focus on our customers. 

Today, we are announcing our new company name as Votech, a Duravant Company.  The names Fischbein, Saxon and Votech, all trusted brands known for quality, durability and dependability, will continue to reside in the market as Votech’s family of product brands. 

We are a global organization headquartered in The Netherlands that houses engineering and manufacturing under one roof and with sales and service support across all continents.  Our newly expanded 5200 square meter state-of-the art facility is now open to our customers and partners, and we invite you to experience our technologies, capabilities, and customer-centric approach to innovation and integrated solutions. We look forward to welcoming you to Reusel!

Votech, a member of the Duravant Group

Headquartered in Downers Grove, IL, Duravant is a global engineered equipment company with manufacturing, sales and service facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Through their portfolio of operating companies, Duravant delivers trusted end-to-end process solutions for customers and partners through engineering and integration expertise, project management and operational excellence. With worldwide sales distribution and service networks, they provide immediate and lifetime aftermarket support to all the markets they serve in the food processing, packaging and material handling sectors. Duravant’s market-leading brands are synonymous with innovation, durability and reliability.

David Fischbein invents the first portable sewing machine
While repairing farmers’ sewing machines, David Fischbein makes an observation: Cereal farmers suffer heavy product losses because of bags that come open during transportation. Consequently, he invents the first portable sewing machine capable of closing them reliably. He names it the Fischbein model “A.”

Fischbein opens a subsidiary in Belgium
Following the World War II, Fischbein expands its activities and opens a subsidiary in Belgium. The objective: to cover Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The first patented sewing head
The 10.000 model is launched. Its innovation is its self-lubrication under pressure.

New models
The legendary 10.000 sewing head is replaced by two new, even more powerful models: the 90 and the 100. The major innovation is that these are models are anti-vibration.

Faster and faster
The 200 series rounds off the Fischbein range. Its key feature is the new sewing head that is designed to work at very high speeds.

Fischbein acquires The Thames Packaging Equipment Co
Fischbein integrates Saxon sealers — one of the world leaders in the sealing market — into its portfolio and offers even more varied, efficient bag closing solutions.

Saxon sealers get a facelift
The successful heat-sealing technology model is improved for even greater efficiency, and two new sealing technologies are introduced: band sealing and radiant sealing. 

Acquisition of Votech by Duravant
Headquartered in Reusel, The Netherlands, Votech specializes in developing bag filling and palletizer machines, stretch hood machines and transport systems. The Votech brand has been recognized for providing complete packaging lines — from the filling of a bag through the internal pallet transport to the warehouse.

The Votech brand is known for providing high-precision and hygienic solutions in the food and powder sectors such as milk powder, animal feeds, food flavors, flour milling, fertilizers, wood pellets, horticulture and associated products.

Fischbein is now Votech
Introducing our new name and the most complete packaging machinery portfolio for bagging automation

Our mission

To make your life easier, thanks to comprehensive, innovative packaging solutions that are always state-of-the-art.

Our equipment is aimed at any industry that packs products in bags. We provide installation, maintenance, servicing, on-site troubleshooting and, of course, supplies of original spare parts.

Our commitments

  • Tailor-made, high-quality solutions
    Our wide range of products, machines and high-tech equipment means that we can meet all your bag closing requirements.
  • State-of-the-art technology
    Our motto is innovation. Every day we work to improve our technology and processes to remain the Number 1 in our field.
  • Service worldwide
    Wherever you are in the world, Votech is at your service, thanks to an extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors.
  • Fast service
    A machine at a standstill can quickly turn into heavy losses, so Fischbein guarantees you fast delivery of spare parts.

Votech Executive Board

Rolf Michiels

Project Sales Director

P: +31 13 82 00 357

Frédéric Charras

Retail Sales Director

P: +33 1 48 77 15 34

F: +33 1 48 77 26 41

Joost Van Setten

Finance Director

P: +31 13 8200 357

Coen Van Eert

HR Manager

P: +31 13 8200 357

Near you, wherever you are

Votech is a world leader in packaging technology and equipment for numerous industries (agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, fertilizer, animal feed, etc.), providing state-of-the-art service. Installation, maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting and spare parts — we are at your side.

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