Dosing & Weighing

We are constantly pushing the technical constraints to offer you efficient, tailor-made solutions.

Our dosing and weighing machine can weigh different types of products (powders, flakes, grains, granulates, etc.) from 5 kg to 50 kg. Depending on the product, the capacity can reach up to 1400 bags/hour.

Accuracy, capacity, speed, integration — we take on every challenge. Votech is your single point of contact for all your equipment: weighing/dosing, bagging, sewing, sealing, gluing, palletising, wrapping and stretch hooding.

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Increase the packaging performance of your open mouth bags with Votech’s innovative solutions.

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Horizontal dosing screw

The horizontal dosing screw is designed with a large screw for coarse dosing and a small screw for fine dosing.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Range: 5 to 50 kg
  • Up to 700 weights/hour

Vertical dosing screw

The vertical dosing screw is designed for fine powders such as milk powder and high accuracy.


  • Dust-free for high hygienic environments
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Range: 5 to 50 kg
  • Up to 450 weights/hour

Dosing belt

This machine uses a belt to transport the products to the spout filling.


  • Accurate
  • Volume dosage
  • Up to 1400 dosages/hour

Gravity feeder

Servo controlled gravity feeder for high-speed weighing of products such as granulates, animal feeds, etc. A servo driven motor regulates the coarse and fine dosing.


  • High capacity
  • Very accurate
  • Range: 5 to 50 kg
  • Up to 1100 weights/hour

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