Bag Gluing

Safe, tight closing guaranteed by Votech to prevent leaks, losses and contamination of the product.

Our bag gluing machines can close different types of open mouth bags like pinch bags. We have the solution to reactivate the glue on your pinch bag, to seal the PE internal bag and to fold with hot melt glue.

Capacity, speed, integration — we take on every challenge and have been working since 1910 to improve our technologies and processes to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Votech is your single point of contact for all your equipment: weighing/dosing, bagging, sewing, sealing, gluing, palletising and stretch hooding.

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Bag gluing PBC 6000 / PBC 8000

Very energy-efficient machines are specially designed for use with multi-wall bags in extremely corrosive environments. Equipped with highly efficient heating elements and the patented breakaway device automatic opening system, they are the ultimate machines for closing paper bags with pinch tops.

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Bag gluing PILS 300 and 330

With their unique thermal tubing system, these machines distribute the heat evenly over the top of the pinch bag for perfect closure. And, thanks to the unique patented breakaway device concept, there are no more bag jams!

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Bag gluing DRC 300

A machine specially designed for sealing small multi-wall paper bags between 1 and 20 kg, ensuring effective control of the distribution of the hot-melt glue.

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