Known worldwide for over 100 years, our equipment meets the most exacting standards of quality and performance.

Our portfolio includes the most comprehensive offering of closing technologies and components for sewing portables, heads and systems under the Fischbein brand, sealing technologies under the Saxon brand, and filling, bagging and palletizing solutions under the Votech brand.

The challenge for us

Our goal is to ensure bagging, accurate weighing and closing of all types of bags and seeds (dry, dusty, sticky) without compromising quality and while meeting your speed requirements.

Opting for Votech means...

  • Taking advantage of the expertise of the world leader in seed bag closing
  • Meeting specific requirements for dosing, bagging and closing various types of bags
  • Being sure of your choice in a wide range of top-quality equipment
  • Benefiting from high-speed sewing heads with a very short stitch length

Services as well as equipment

Advice on the choice of your future machines, installation and commissioning, on-site training for your operators, maintenance and servicing, supply and delivery of original spare parts — you can count on Votech for all these services.

Near you, wherever you are

Votech guarantees state-of-the-art service in more than 100 countries. We are more than a manufacturer of packaging machines — we guarantee the quality of your products in perfectly sealed bags.

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